It’s important to be noted for your efforts and the Readers’ Choice program enables your customers to cheer you on and express their gratitude.

What are the benefits?

The Readers’ Choice Awards were created to showcase local businesses and service providers that are the best at what they do in their community! Businesses get nominated in the popular categories for their services and goods. Those businesses nominated then get voted by the public for their favourite, loyal and best business or service provider.

word of mouth

Increase your presence in the community and strengthen your relationship with your existing customers. Since you and the public can nominate and vote, you can spread the word to a new and existing audience.

Stay Connected

By encouraging your existing customers to nominate and vote for your business you are easily able to stay in contact with them and encourage them to participate. Through social, in-person, newsletters and other channels you are using to engage with your customers.

bragging rights

Who doesn’t want to be the best. You are able to utilize your awards through any and all of your networks and advertising. People are more likely to use a product or service that is recommended and what better recommendation than being the best or a top award winner.

Program timeline

The Readers’ Choice Awards program is a yearly, local community recognition program. Click on the link below to find out when your community begins.

How the program works

There are three stages that total a 20 week duration for each community Readers’ Choice Awards program. The community decides the nominations and votes for the winners in specific categories.


The program “Opens” with the nomination stage. People can go to their local Readers’ Choice Awards site and they can nominate a businesses or professional service provider of their choice in specific categories. People are encouraged to nominate all of your favourite businesses along with your favourite categories.


Once all of the nominations have been collected. The top nominees for each category are set up for the voting stage. The voting stage “Opens” with these nominees and you have the ability to go to your local Readers’ Choice Awards site and “Vote” for your favourite business. The top businesses in each category will be Awarded the Readers’ Choice Winners.


The Readers’ Choice Winners are decided by the total amount of votes received for each business per category. The ranking goes as follows: (1) Diamond (2) Platinum (3) Gold. The Winners will be published online on the Readers’ Choice Site and also in the local print publication (where available).

Looking to become a member?

Kindly, complete the form below and provide us with some additional information and we will contact you directly. Becoming a member is easy and has many benefits.

Want to nominate a business or service?

This is your chance to support your local businesses and services. Simply, send us the details of the business or service you wish to nominate and we will include the nominee in the program.